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I’m doing a tiny give away !
I hoard and make too many things and I don’t need this stuff, I’m moving out soon so,
what you can win:
a little acrylic painting by me
some incense *
two rose and lily scented floating candles *
A marimo necklace
two pressed flowers
a flower ring made by me
two flower hairclips made by me
a bag of cute rocks
Probably a bunch of tea bags
* if you are sensitive to these things and you win, let me know and I’ll replace the items with something else!
you don’t have to follow me but hey if you like the stuff you may like my blog,
im only shipping to the USA because i dont actually wanna spend money on this
please just take this stuff i dont need it
ends August 5th
I have to stop falling in love with memories.
—9 word story (via jennayliu)

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Be free

Bonnie’s .38 revolver, a gift from Clyde. Engraved “To Bonnie. I owe you one. Clyde 2-28-32”.

Lmao “just because drunk people drop shit” 

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